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The Muse is Loose (but never easy).

{insert clever & sexy subtitle here}

Collage_Life, a freelance writer from Long Island, New York, writes and edits stories on parenting, single-hood, being an adoptee, healing and the importance of a good night's sleep (usually done without benefit of the latter). She copy-edited Dear Helen: Wartime Letters from a Londoner to Her American Pen Pal [University of Missouri Press; 1st edition (May 10, 2009)]. Her previous careers as actor, voice over talent, corporate grunt and married person pale in comparison to the excitement and curiosity of being a single parent who writes, and dates...(not often). A graduate of Stephens College, Columbia, MO, who received her MA with Honors (impressive, no?) in Art Education from Adelphi University, NY, Collage-Life lives with her family in the woods of Long Island near long-forgotten farmlands and an all-night diner.